We are Architects Unit 5.6

Wilbraham Primary School has been using Switched on Computing to teach the new computing programme of study. Below is a blog post from teacher Sarah Brown about how they ran the Year 5 unit, We are Architects.

Planning for the unit
I didn’t need to watch the Software in 60 second videos provided as I had used Google Sketch Up from a previous Switched on Computing unit. When I used it for the 1st time last year I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials which were very informative and step by step.

Running the unit
We used our hourly ICT slot and the topic lasted for half a term (6 weeks). The software we used included Google Sketch Up and Microsoft Word. The children were working independently but they had evaluation sessions during the lesson that were paired.  We linked it to our History topic which was ‘Anglo Saxons’ so we decided to create Anglo Saxon huts rather than an art gallery. The Anglo Saxon hut was created step-by-step each week and then the children were given a session to create their dream house that showed off the skills and tips they had learnt over the previous 5 sessions – there was very little teacher support during the ‘assessment’ lesson.

The pupils were really enthusiastic about this unit. They were amazed at the push and pull tool to turn a rectangle into a cuboid. They also had a few problems because they weren’t being accurate when drawing lines or joining shapes but this just led to a lot of teaching points and children becoming ‘experts’ when they had learnt how to solve some of these problems.

Everyone managed to create a cuboid, decorate it inside and out, although some did have more support with this than others. The more able figured out how to use the different coloured axis lines when moving objects around their hut and they used this knowledge to help others. The less able needed adult support or made sure they sat next to someone who was more confident. During these lessons I had two non-English speakers and they were still able to follow the demonstrations to create their own hut.

Assessing work
The children completed a self-evaluation form for their Anglo Saxon hut and then I assessed their ‘dream house’. I looked at the placement of objects, the visual elements they had chosen, the shape of the house, the 3D Warehouse objects that had been downloaded etc.

Examples of work

Amglo Saxon hut_5.6_Wilbrhaim primary



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