Improving working memory at Hayes Primary School

Hayes Primary SchoolGuest post by Liz Hughes, Assistant Head Teacher, Hayes Primary School

Increasingly, schools are looking at working memory as a skill that can and should be trained in order to improve a child’s capacity to learn across all subjects. At Hayes Primary School in Bromley, we have been trialling a new Key Stage 2 working memory programme called MeeMo and have seen fantastic results. Initially we used MeeMo with two small maths groups in Years 5 and 6. We found it easy to implement and run, and after the first couple of sessions a completely child-led activity. We found that, on average, over a 6-week period using MeeMo, our pupils’ short-term memory (mental storage) and working memory (processing) abilities had both increased by almost 30 percentile points, making them well above average for their age in both areas. 

MeeMo Thinking ChildOur children love MeeMo.  They are motivated, engaged, challenged and eager to participate. MeeMo has had a more wide-ranging impact than we initially expected; not only have we seen significant improvements in working memory skills, we have also seen improvements in children’s mental maths skills and factual recall. Confidence in applying number facts out of context has improved as well as speaking and listening skills. Moreover we have found that children are better able to concentrate and focus on a task, and are not distracted as easily.

We are continuing to roll it out across our Key Stage 2 setting and look forward to seeing similar results from our other classes!

You can read the full report here, and see MeeMo in action in our school in the video below.


You can find out more about MeeMo here.


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