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Guidance on using textbooks in a mixed-age classroom

Thanks to guest blogger, Caroline Clissold, for her latest blog on using textbooks in a mixed-age classroom. 

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Exciting new literacy development research from Coventry University

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Coventry University in the development of our exciting new infant reading programme Rising Stars Reading Planet.  Read more »

Exciting ideas for teaching grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary in the classroom

To help you teach the technical English requirements in a fun and active way, we’ve introduced Skills Builders Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Ideas Bank. Every month, we’re sharing a free activity that you can use in your classroom to help tackle tricky topics.  Read more »

How did you find SATs week?

As SATs week draws to a close, many teachers may be wondering how other schools found the test experience this year – so we asked a handful of teachers to share their thoughts.

Thanks to Claire Lotriet, Michael Tidd, Nick Hart and Peter Richardson for their comments. 
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Introducing Reading Planet!

The exciting new reading programme for Reception and Key Stage 1 Rising Stars Reading Planet launches this month! Read more »

A fresh look at the classroom timeline By Bev Forrest and Stuart Tiffany

Timelines should be an exciting and dynamic feature of the classroom. Are you using timelines to help children with their chronological understanding? Bev Forrest and Stuart Tiffany offer some useful advice about creating exciting timelines to develop childrens' understanding of chronology. Read more »

400 Years of Shakespeare: Your top facts!

To commemorate 400 years of Shakespeare, Rising Stars teamed up with Hachette Children's Group to offer a bumper book bundle brimming with goodies to help teachers introduce the next generation of readers to Shakespeare.   Read more »

Making the most of your PE and Sport Premium Funding

Are you making the most of your PE and Sport Premium Funding? Gill Cameron, a physical education specialist with 16 years of practical teaching experience across both primary and secondary phases tells you all you need to know about using this funding in the latest issue of 'In a Nutshell'. Read more »

A helping hand with writing moderation

At Rising Stars, we pride ourselves in our close relationships with schools and strive to provide a helping hand with teaching and learning wherever possible. Over the past few months, teachers have told us that preparation for writing moderation and assessment has been a challenge, so we’ve worked with two of our advisory teachers to publish helpful advice and resources which you’ll find listed below with links to find out more.  

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Teaching LKS2 reading objectives through Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty

Guest blogger Maddy Barnes demonstrates how to teach many of the LKS2 reading objectives through Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty by Chris Colfer. 

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