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James Pembroke on getting to grips with performance data and understanding upcoming accountability changes

Central London: Tuesday 19th November 2019
Trainer: James Pembroke
Workshop fee: £199 + VAT

James Pembroke, data expert, is here to clarify updates to accountability, whilst helping us to analyse school performance and evaluate inspection data. He will also explore simpler, more meaningful, and less onerous methods of tracking pupil progress. Ideal for anyone wanting tips and tricks that will make their data life easier.

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Understanding and using standardised assessment and standardised scores to support teaching and learning

Manchester: Wednesday 13th November 2019
Trainer: Richard Selfridge
Workshop fee: £199+VAT

How to become a databusting teacher: what every teacher should know about using standardised assessments and standardised scores to effectively support teaching and learning. 

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Feedback from the SATS Masterclass: Implications for Teaching and Learning 2019

Central London: Tuesday 12th November 2019
Trainer: Steve Lomax & Abigail Steel
Workshop fee: £199+VAT

Understand the performance outcomes of the 2019 National Tests and what strategies can be adopted in the classroom to identify and support pupils working below the expected standard.

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Primary Assessment Conference 2020: Assessment in the context of the new Ofsted Framework

Central London: Thursday 26th March 2020  


  • Jon Hutchinson (Deputy Head, Reach Academy Feltham)
  • Flora Barton (Headteacher, Crowmarsh Gifford Primary)
  • Richard Selfridge (author of Dataproof Your School)
  • Dominic O’Regan (Vice Principal, West St Leonard’s Primary)
  • Ofsted Representation TBC

Conference fee: FREE

Against the backdrop of the new Ofsted Framework, hear advice from experts and practitioners on managing teachers’ workload though the effective use of assessment and data and how best to assess progress in the foundation subjects.

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