Keep pupils on track and boost progress with fun and focussed revision and practice for Year 5 and 6

  • Prepare Year 6 pupils for Secondary school with revision and practice to consolidate learning and identify gaps.

  • Boost progress and prepare Year 5 pupils for next year's SATs with Revision Books suitable for use at home or school.. 

  • Practice new skills and test knowledge with Question Books. 

  • Measure progress and identify tricky areas with Practice Papers to allow children to go back and get a firmer grasp of problem areas.


3 Steps to SATs Success

Refresh and boost knowledge with a unique flowchart approach. 

  • Take pupils through new concepts in a step-by-step way using the flowchart approach. 
  • Give instant practice of new concepts with 'Try This' boxes.
  • Use helpful hints to improve performance with 'Top Tips' boxes. 
  • Support more able pupils with Higher Score books as well as Expected Standard ones. 
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Reinforce and apply the knowledge learned in the Revision Books 

  • Practice using the knowledge just gained with revision books. 
  • Identify areas of difficulty and go back to consolidate learning. 
  • Use 'Top Tips' to reinforce concepts and skills. 
  • Support more able pupils with books for the Higher Score as well as the Expected Standard. 
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Build confidence and measure progress with Practise Papers designed to mirror the SATs

  • Give pupils experience of exam conditions with Practise Papers designed to mirror National Tests. 
  • Measure progress and identify areas of difficulty before pupils move on. 
  • Save time with answers available in a pull-out section of the book


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