Achieve's 3-steps to success

Refresh and boost knowledge with a unique flowchart approach. 

  • Take pupils through new concepts in a step-by-step way using the flowchart approach. 
  • Give instant practice of new concepts with 'Try This' boxes.
  • Use helpful hints to improve performance with 'Top Tips' boxes. 
  • Support more able pupils with Higher Score books as well as Expected Standard ones. 
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Reinforce and apply the knowledge learned in the SATs Revision Books 

  • Practice using the knowledge just gained with revision books. 
  • Identify areas of difficulty and go back to consolidate learning. 
  • Use 'Top Tips' to reinforce concepts and skills. 
  • Support more able pupils with books for the Higher Score as well as the Expected Standard. 
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Build confidence and measure progress with Practice Papers designed to mirror the SATs

  • Give pupils experience of exam conditions with Practise Papers designed to mirror National Tests. 
  • Measure progress and identify areas of difficulty before pupils move on. 
  • Save time with answers available in a pull-out section of the book


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Try Free Samples with Your Class

Try Free Samples with Your Class

Download our free sample pages to use with your class. Including samples for the Expected Standard Revision Books, Expected Standard Question Workbooks and Practice Papers

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Keep pupils on track and boost progress with fun and focussed SATs revision and practice for KS2

  • Prepare KS2 pupils for the SATs with revision and practice to consolidate learning and identify gaps.

  • Boost and refresh knowledge with Revision Books suitable for use at home or school.

  • Practice new skills and test knowledge with Question Books. 

  • Measure progress and identify tricky areas with Practice Papers designed to mirror the SATs, and allow children to go back and get a firmer grasp of problem areas.

Read our FREE analysis of the 2022 KS2 SATs results here.

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