Achieve Key Stage 1

Year 2 SATs revision and practice

Achieve Key Stage 1 offers revision workbooks, practice papers and teacher support to help you prepare children in Year 2 for the national tests in Mathematics and English (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Reading). 

  • Achieve Key Stage 1Provide meaningful, age-appropriate revision and practice for Year 2 children revising for SATs
  • Help children consolidate learning ahead of the tests
  • Improve's children's ability to concentrate in a test situation
  • Demonstrate in class how to answer SATs-style questions

What's available?

Revision and Practice Workbooks


These combined Revision and Practice Question workbooks use a unique step-by-step flowchart approach that shows children how to answer test questions to build their confidence. The clear structure helps parents support their children constructively in revising the content that will be tested.  Buy as single copies or 6, 10 or 15-copy packs.

Try a free sample: Reading | GPS | Mathematics

Practice Tests

Photocopiable and downloadable tests help build children's confidence in sitting SATs-style papers. Teachers can use the tests to identify strengths and weaknesses to help guide test preparation.  The packs comprise of three photocopiable practice test papers each for Mathematics, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Reading.  Purchase by subject or as a complete pack.

Try a free Achieve Key Stage 1 sample pack

Whiteboard Lessons

Front-of-class SATs revision and practice lessons for your whiteboard.  Demonstrate accepted methods for answering SATs questions and show children how to tackle questions using a unique step-by-step flowchart approach, breaking them down into memorable steps that children will remember.  Purchase by subject or as a complete pack.

Watch a walkthrough video about how the Achieve Key Stage 1 Whiteboard lessons work


Purchasing for your school

Our sales consultants are happy to come to your school to discuss Achieve Key Stage 1 in more detail and build a bespoke, cost-effective package that is tailored to your school's needs. Find your nearest consultant

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