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We work closely with our partners so that together we can help you to easily and seamlessly interpret your data. The services we offer are designed to complement your use of PiRA, PUMA and GAPS in relation to MARK, our free online assessment and reporting tool trusted by over 5,500 schools.

Automatically sync the pupil, teacher and school data in your Management Information System with MARK

We work with the following partners to make this possible:


Cloud-based MIS for primary schools, secondary schools, MATs and LAs.


Data aggregator that makes it possible to sync with the following MIS: SIMS, Arbor, Advanced Learning, Scholar Pack, BromCom, RM Integris.


Coming soon: Data aggregator that enables synchronisation with numerous MIS through Groupcall Xporter.


We work with these partners so that you can view your test data holistically

In addition to syncing your pupil data with MARK, you can choose to share summary test data with our partners, enabling you to view your PiRA, PUMA and GAPS results in relation to other data with our partners’ products. This helps you to form a holistic view when making decisions.


Test data for PiRA, PUMA and GAPS appears at pupil level and school level in the MIS. It is also presented in aggregated MAT dashboards in Arbor analytics.


The data for PiRA and PUMA is presented in aggregated dashboards for MATs with Assembly Analytics. You can also see how standardised scores convert to National Test scaled scores.


Test data for PiRA, PUMA and GAPS is presented at pupil, class and school level in Aspire Pupil Tracking. Test scores are converted to DfE scaled scores allowing comparison with other assessments, targets and FFT estimates.


Coming soon: Test data for PiRA, PUMA and GAPS will be presented in aggregated school and MAT analytics dashboards.

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