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This platform contains the following resources:

These resources all contain activities which can be accessed by your teachers and pupils from any computer, tablet or phone that is connected to the internet. In order to do this you will need to follow some simple steps to set up pupil and teacher access.

*For guidance on how to manage users using the newly released Admin Hub, please download our full user guide here.*

If you need any additional support, please get in touch at or call 0203 122 6006.

The Access Coordinator

The person placing the order for Cracking ComprehensionAchieve OnlineRising Stars Mathematics OnlineReading Planet or Read in to Writing will be required to nominate someone at your school to become the Access Coordinator. This role ensures all your data is secure by approving new teacher accounts.

The role can be carried out by anyone appropriate within your school; it is not a time-consuming role and does not require any specialised IT skills; it’s simply a way of protecting your school’s data.

Access Coordinators give teachers access to the platform by clicking on the spanner icon in the top right hand corner. Find out more about the roles and responsibilities of the Access Coordinator.

Log in 


Achieve Online, Cracking Comprehension Online, Rising Stars Mathematics Online, Rising Stars Reading Planet and Read in to Writing can be access via your My Rising Stars dashboard.

If you do not have an account on My Rising Stars, you can register for one here. Be sure to register as a teacher against your school name to ensure access to all the digital products your school has trialled or purchased.

Once you have created your account, log in to My Rising Stars, where you will see every product your school is trialling or has purchased.

Simply click on the icon of the product you wish to access and you will be prompted to re-enter your credentials.

Do not worry if you do not know what your centre ID is, you do not need it to access your resources.  


Before pupils can access a resource you will need to set them up with an account. They do not need an email address and you can choose the username and password for each child. You may want to use a username and password you have allocated to them for other digital resources. Find out more about the pupil set up process.

Within each resource teachers can provide their pupils with a unique URL. Using this URL children will be able to login without entering a school centre ID. They can click on the link and enter their username and password.

Alternatively pupils can log in to their resource dashboard at They will need their school centre ID and their username and password.

Your school centre ID can be found in the top right hand side of the resource once you are logged in.

If you have any problems logging in, you can contact our online support team by email or by phone 0203 122 6006.

Please note: Rising Stars Mathematics Online does not have pupil access.

Give teachers access

All teachers within your school can access the resources your school has purchased or trialled. Follow the following steps to get access to the resources:

1. Create a My Rising Stars Account.
2. Get approval by your school’s Access Coordinator. You can see who your school’s Access Coordinator is by clicking on the star in the top right corner
3. The Access Coordinator can see all teachers at their school with a My Rising Stars Account in the administration pages. Click on the spanner icon to access. In the administration pages they can approve teacher accounts so that they can access Achieve Online, Cracking Comprehension Online, Rising Stars Mathematics Online, Rising Stars Reading Planet and Read in to Writing. By granting 'teacher administration' access, the teacher will then be able to set up their own pupil's accounts.

Give pupils access

Teachers can assign activities to individual pupils, or to a whole class. But first, pupils will need their own accounts.
1. Click on ‘Manage’ in the dashboard for Achieve Online, Cracking Comprehension Online, Rising Stars Reading Planet and Read in to Writing, in the top right hand side of your screen to go to the administration pages.
2. Choose ‘Manage Users’ from the popup window. The ‘Manage pupil’ tab will be pre-selected. You will be able to view the children who have been set up and the resources they have access to.
3. You will need to allocate a username (no email address is necessary) and password. You can select any username so you might want to use a name which the child already user for another online resource. You can also select any password so you might want to choose the same password for every child. You should share these details with your pupils along with your school’s centre ID. The centre ID can be found in the top right hand corner of the logged in view.

To set up just one pupil account:
1. Select ‘Add student’
2. Complete the mandatory fields
3. Save

Creating student accounts using a CSV (User Manager and Teacher Admins only):
 You can also use a CSV import to bulk upload your pupils, using the Admin Hub. 

1. In the students tab, click on 'Import CSV', and choose the option 'Download template'. 

Only the following columns in the CSV template are mandatory to create student accounts –
A (Action), C (User Type), D (User Name/Email), F (First Name), H (Last Name) and K (Access to application)

You may leave everything else blank.

- Enter A (for ‘add’) in column A
- Enter S (for ‘student’) in column C
- Enter a username for each student in column D. You may prefer to copy/paste login credentials from your school management system, or create new IDs for your students. The username must be at least six characters long and not contain any spaces. If you are employing students' email addresses as usernames, you will not need to enter a password, as this will be set by the student when they receive a confirmation email. If the usernames are not email addresses, you will be able to set passwords.
- Enter a password for each student in column E (only if usernames are not email addresses - if they are, any password you enter here will be ignored).  We recommend you keep this as simple as possible to make it easy to remember. The password must be at least six characters long and not contain any spaces.
- Enter the first name and last name for each student in columns F and H respectively. Column G (middle name) is optional.
- In column K, add a ‘Y’ if you wish to grant the student access to Dynamic Learning, or ‘N’ if you would like to add them to your centre’s user database, but without access to Dynamic Learning. Once completed, save the CSV to your computer. 

2. To upload, when your import CSV is ready:

Click ‘Import CSV’ in the Admin Hub ‘Students’ tab
Use ‘Browse to CSV’ to select your file on your computer
Click ‘Open’
Click ‘Upload your CSV’

3. If any mandatory information is missing a ‘Validation results’ dialog box will appear.

Click ‘Download errors CSV’ to get a list of the errors
Amend the spreadsheet as necessary and re-upload

Please note: Rising Stars Mathematics Online does not have pupil access.

Technical information

You will need:

Broadband Internet access (minimum bandwidth of 10MB/second)
Internet Explorer 9 or above (Windows)
Mozilla Firefox 26 and above (Windows and Mac)
Chrome 32 and above (Windows and Mac)
Safari 6 and above (Mac)
Ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled on your browser
Ensure that is allowed by any proxy servers,
networks and pop-up blockers.
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP 4, Windows XP with SP-2, Vista, Windows 7
Apple OSX
Resolution: 1024 by 768 (minimum recommendation)
Audio output capability (for certain activities)
Keyboard and mouse
Latest version of Adobe Flash
Please note that some question types within Cracking Comprehension Online are not currently compatible with iPads. 


Adobe Acrobat Reader:
Microsoft Word or suitable alternative:
Microsoft PowerPoint or suitable alternative:
Microsoft Excel or suitable alternative:
Dynamic Reader App
Search for ‘Dynamic Reader’ in the Apple App Store for the iOS App or the
Google Play Store for the Android App. The Apps are free to download.
You will be notified in the app when updates are available for you to ins

More help

If you need any additional support to use My Rising Stars, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email on: or via phone on 0203 122 6006.

Alternatively, you can find more information on our online support portal.

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