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What is Reading Planet Online?

Reading Planet Online Library provides you with interactive eBooks and embedded comprehension quizzes for all pupils in Reception to Year 6. Each eBook can be accessed by pupils at school or at home. They're ideal for independent, guided or whole-class reading. Teachers can check on progress using the simple reporting portal where you can see quiz results at-a-glance by book band or content domain. 

How can we start using it?

Unlock access for all teachers and pupils in your school by placing an order for Reading Planet Online here. You will need a free My Rising Stars account to do this and will be asked to nominate a member of staff to assume the role of Access Co-ordinator before your order is complete; this is to ensure your children’s data is secure. The Access Co-ordinator can get your school set up on the site by following a few simple steps and will be able to set-up access for both teachers and pupils.Reading Planet Online

Details of how to set up your school can be viewed here. Once the Access Co-ordinator has assigned roles for staff, they will be able to enter the platform via the Reading Planet Online icon on their My Rising Stars dashboard.

Getting Started

Are you a teacher?

You can find detailed set-up help here. If you're looking for guidance on how to manage users using our recently released Admin Hub, please see our full guide here. Or use the quick links below.

Reception-Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

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