Cracking Comprehension Online Support

What is Cracking Comprehension?

Cracking Comprehension is a print and digital solution for teaching comprehension for Key Stages 1 and 2, using high quality, recognisable extracts and questions. 

The annual digital subscription allows teachers to show pupils how to answer comprehension questions using a step by step method, with front of class software, and then to test knowledge and understanding with self-marking practice quizzes. 

Teachers can view class and individual progress at a glance, using the online reporting tool.  

How can we start using it?

Request a free 90-day trial for Cracking Comprehension or purchase and you can access this via My Rising Stars.

You will be asked to nominate a member of staff to assume the role of Access Co-ordinator before your order is complete; this is to ensure your children’s data is secure. The Access Co-ordinator can get your school set up on the site by following a few simple steps and will be able to set-up access for both teachers and pupils.

Details of how to set up your school can be viewed here. Once the Access Co-ordinator has assigned roles for staff, they will be able to enter the platform via the Cracking Comprehension icon on their My Rising Stars dashboard.


Getting Started


  • If you're a Teacher you can find a detailed guide to setting up Cracking Comprehension with our User Guides 
  • If you need help using our Admin Hub,  you can find more information and instructions in our Admin Hub Guide 


  • Our Parents User Guide should give you all the information that you need to use Cracking Comprehension at home. 
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