Achieve Online

Just launched - online animated tutorials and interactive practice to help prepare Year 6 children for Key Stage 2 national test success!

What is Achieve Online Mathematics?
  • A revision tool designed to help Year 6 children revise and practise for the Key Stage 2 national tests at home or at school.
  • Online animated tutorials scaffold the successful solving of every type of national test-style question.
  • Interactive practice quizzes, with instant feedback, test confidence and security in each topic of mathematics.
  • Gives parents the confidence to support children when they revise mathematics at home, showing them accepted methods to answer each type of national test questions correctly.
What does Achieve Online Mathematics include?
  • Over 50 step-by-step animated tutorials that show children (and their parents) how to successfully answer national test-style questions
  • Over 100 interactive practice quizzes that children can work through to apply and embed their learning
  • Simple teacher reporting dashboard that allows revision to be personalised for every child

To sign up for a 30-day free trial, click 'view all products' in the banner at the top of the page and follow the instructions onscreen. 

Three simple steps to using Achieve Online

Step 1 - Watch the animated tutorial
Step-by-step animated tutorials show children (and parents) accepted methods for answering every type of National Test question and how to answer them correctly.

Step 2 - Practise with a quiz
Interactive practice quizzes get children practicising every topic that could be tested.


Step 3 - Collect star rewards

Instant marking and star rewards motivate children to progress through their revision for each topic.


Simple teacher reporting
The teacher reporting dashboard is simple and easy to use. Teachers can identify gaps in knowledge and understanding and can allocate quizzes to target areas of weakness to personalise revision for every child.
Reports show:

  • the total time each child has spent on practice quizzes
  • where their gaps in understanding are
  • how your class is doing as a whole
  • 'Top 5 Trouble Spots' that require extra revision time


Watch an animated tutorial - Fractions of amounts

Watch an animated tutorial - Place value of whole numbers

Watch an animated tutorial - Prime numbers


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