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Achieve is the bestselling revision series tried and trusted in over 10,000 schools at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for national test preparation.

87% of schools surveyed said Achieve had been a factor in improving their national test results

Achieve Key Stage 1
Achieve at Key Stage 1 is written to support the new national test requirements at Key Stage 1. The range provides meaningful and age-appropriate revision and practice for Year 2 children to help them consolidate their learning ahead of the 2017 national tests.


Achieve 100
Achieve 100 is the most popular revision range available to primary schools, with materials that are completely up-to-date with the new national test requirements. Covering the content and written in the style of the new national tests, these resources will help your school meet the raised expectations of the new national curriculum. 

achieveks2plus.JPGAchieve 100 PLUS
Use Achieve 100 PLUS Revision and Practice Questions books to cover the more demanding areas of the Key Stage 2 national curriculum and the harder questions within the national tests that could be tested but are not expected at the 100 threshold. 


In addition, we publish a wide range of revision, study and practice material including:

  • Skills Builders - Making the trickiest areas of the new national curriculum easier.
  • Shine! Mathematics - Helps overcome the barriers that are holding some children back from meeting the required expectations for end-of-Key Stage 2 mathematics. 

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