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Everything you need to know about reading at home

Welcome to the Rising Stars Reading Planet parent support page. On this page you will find answers, help and advice to these common questions about your childs progress in reading.

Why read with your child and how much time should you spend per day?

Reading with your child has a really big impact on their academic success, their self-esteem and their general happiness. You should try to spend at least ten minutes per day reading together. 

Help with reading with your child as an EAL Parent.

After your child has read to you in English, it is very valuable to talk about the book in your home language. This will help your child further develop their understanding of the text. 

How can I help my child enjoy reading?

Be a good role model by showing how much you enjoy reading. Make sure you and your child are comfortable and relaxed when you sit to read together. 

Which level is my child at in their reading?

Reading Planet books are carefully graded to ensure your child’s reading abilities are matched as they progress. With each level, the quantity of text and variety of vocabulary gently increases. 

How does reading play into the rest of my child’s education?

As your child gets older, they will use their reading skills across every subject - so a strong foundation in being able to read confidently is really important. Children who enjoy reading tend to achieve more in their education. 

How do I fill out the reading record?

Praise and acknowledge your child’s success. Address comments directly to your child, for example, ‘Great reading tonight Tom! J’. Also use the reading record to communicate with the teacher, for example, ‘We discussed the meaning of these new words… Tom enjoyed this story.’ 

How can I use the Reading Planet notes to help with my child’s reading?


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