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Have you seen our new National Curriculum Guide for KS1 and KS2?

FREE to download, our guides explain the changes to the National Curriculum and the new assessment to parents.

The guide provides a clear outline of the new content, by year group, with some background information about how the curriculum and assessment works.

It is available in colour, or if you'd prefer to print it, in black and white, organised by year group. It's absolutely FREE.

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Covering English, grammar, punctuation and spelling, mathematics and science, the Achieve range of revision and practice questions workbooks offer the best possible preparation for your child as they approach their year 6 National Tests. Used by over 250,000 children, Achieve offers tried and tested methods to help children fulfil their potential in the SATs.

Switched on Computing: Learn to Code Practice Books

Our new coding practice books are perfect for children to use at home or in coding clubs, with their step by step guidance and easy to follow instructions. Brimming with colourful and engaging activities, the workbooks are accessable and engaging for all.

New Curriculum Primary English, Mathematics and Science

These textbooks can be used by children at home to help them get to grips with the main areas of learning. Differentiated questions help children to practice and apply the knowlegde they have aquired at school, consolidating their learning and breaking down tricky topics.

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