Rising Stars has worked with a team of leading primary mathematics experts to bring schools all the resources they need to deliver the new curriculm for mathematics. Browse the highlights below and don't forget to take a look our free resources!

Rising Stars Mathematics is a complete teaching and learning programme to help you embed a mastery curriculum across your whole school. 

On Track Maths is a new targetd intervention resource which identifies gaps in knowledge and understanding.  Using intensive, sequential lessons to ensure all children progress through the maths curriculum.

Mastering Maths is an easy-to-access bank of rich and varied activities that encourages children to make connections between areas of mathematics. 

Practise Maths help children to develop maths fluency through a bank of editable practice questions which cover every objective of the programme of study. 

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Free maths mastery webinar

To dispel the myths and get down to nuts and bolts of what mastery is and what it looks like in the classroom, we ran a series of free webinars with experienced maths consultant and trainer, Maria Rundle. Watch the webinars.

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