Comet Street Kids

Developing confident independent readers

Join the Comet Street Kids on their action-packed adventures across 72 expertly levelled stories. Children, parents and teachers will grow to know and love Rav and his band of feisty friends through their adventures ranging from the familiar to the fantastical.



No. of titles: 144
Book Bands: Pink A to White
No. of Teacher's Guides: 6
Audio Books included

These highly-decodable reading books include support for teachers, TAs and parents as well as comprehension questions to check understanding and prepare children for the types of questions they will face in the national tests. 

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About the authors

Adam and Charlotte Guillain are highly experienced educational and children’s picture book writers. They believe in the power of storytelling to enhance children’s learning, and regularly train teachers and visit classrooms to bring their stories to life!

“We wanted to develop a set of fun and feisty characters that children will fall in love with and that will breathe new excitement into early reading for teachers and parents!”


144 expertly levelled reading books that include:

  • comprehension questions
  • support for reading at home

6 Teacher’s Guides that include:

  • practical ideas for guided reading
  • activities to deepen comprehension
  • assessment guidance
  • speech rhythm sensitivity activities
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