What do I need to purchase?

We recommend you purchase Minecraft Education Edition. Schools with a Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) volume licensing agreement may add Minecraft: Education Edition to their agreement which will give them access across their organization.

Have I got to pay for a licence for every child in my school?

No, Minecraft Education Edition allows you to purchase licences for the number of pupils who will be using Minecraft simultaneously. So, you only need to buy enough licences to cover the number of children using Minecraft during one Minecraft session.

Can pupils use Minecraft to contact other people outside of school?

We recommend that you use a Minecraft Education Edition server to maintain a closed Minecraft system in school. This allows you to control who children are in contact with. When you set up a Minecraft server on your teacher machine, you are provided with an IP address. Only users with this IP address can access your Minecraft world (pupils use this IP address to connect to your machine).

I’m not very technical. How am I expected to run a ‘server’?

Minecraft Education Edition isn’t the same kind of server that you see running in a network cupboard at school; it is a simple file which runs on your computer. Once you double click the Run Server button, you are provided with an IP address, which pupils then type in to the computers they are working on, in order to connect. Minecraft is simple to run and doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge.

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