PUMA Tests

Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA)

RS Assessment from Hodder EducationReliably assess attainment and progress in maths with termly standardised tests

Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) is a suite of termly standardised maths tests to enable schools to track progress, predict future performance and benchmark against national averages. 

  • Provides a diagnostic profile for each pupil, including standardised score
  • Helps monitor small increments of progress
  • Supports the identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Easily report outcomes by pupil, group or class
  • Simple and quick to administer and mark


What's included in PUMA?


Pupil Test Booklets
  • Write-in booklets for children to complete the tests
  • Features questions covering each of the content domains
  • Each question is coded by curriculum area to allow easy profiling of the child's performance by category

Available in termly 10-copy packs, £16.50 per pack  BUY

  • Include full mark schemes and diagnostic profiling information with full support on marking and profiling the results
  • PUMA curriculum maps define what is assessed each term, to support your planning - available online

Available for Key Stage 1, £36.50, and Key Stage 2, £47.50  BUY

Easy reporting on MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit)  
  • My Assessment and Reporting KitGet free access to MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit) which will enable you to enter your pupils' test scores and automatically generate reports by pupil, group or class. Find out how to unlock access.

Also available - Progress in Reading Assessment and Progress in Grammar, Punctution and Spelling Assessment

National Tests correlation

We have carried out a correlation between the results from the PUMA tests and children's results in the 2016 KS1 and KS2 National Tests to support you in identifying those who may currently be on track to perform slightly below the 100 scaled score - read more.

PUMA for Key Stage 3 

Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) KS3 enables schools to accurately measure and predict pupil progress in maths and compare their performance against national averages.  Find out more information on PUMA KS3.


Please be advised that orders of the PUMA tests are restricted to schools/institutions only. Please supply an institutional address when you place your order as we are unable to fulfil orders with a private address.  Please also note that the PUMA tests are NOT photocopiable.                      


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