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Progress Tests for Years 1 to 6 in English, mathematics and science provide reliable half-termly assessments with meaningful online analysis to help teachers identify gaps and plan teaching effectively. Written by primary assessment experts and independently reviewed by educational research specialists, you can trust our Progress Tests for your whole-school formative assessment solution. 

Rising Stars Assessment Progress Tests

7,500 schools love our Progress Tests because they help teachers to:

  • assess whether children are working in line with age-related expectations
  • identify gaps in learning to inform future teaching
  • quickly analyse individual and group performance with FREE online reports.

New Edition Reading Progress Tests for 2017

Our brand new 2017 Reading Progress Tests include all new engaging texts and questions, including longer extracts to build reading stamina - an essential requirement for success in the national tests.

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Quickly identify strengths and areas for development with FREE online reportsRising Stars Progress Tests report

  • Easily identify strengths and areas for development
  • See how children are performing across strands of the curriculum and adapt teaching accordingly
  • Compare group performance and provide additional support where needed

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Independent Research

We commissioned Shift Learning, an independent research organisation specialising in education, to carry out an evaluation study on the impact our Progress Tests. Read the full report.


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