Reliable assessments with meaningful reports to support effective teaching

Over 11,000 primary schools rely on our primary assessment resources to measure the progress and attainment of their children. 

Whether you are looking for light-touch tasks and questions to support formative assessment, summative tests to assess learning at the end of a teaching period, or nationally standardised assessments to predict and measure progress, we have a range to support you!

Formative assessment

Rising Stars Progress Tests

Progress Tests

Half termly assessments in GPS, mathematics, science and reading with online analysis to help identify gaps and plan teaching effectively.

Rising Stars Writing Assessment Tasks

Writing Assessment Tasks

Half-termly tasks to help teachers assess and moderate children's writing with confidence.

Rising Stars Computing Assessment Tasks

Computing Assessment Tasks

Flexible tasks to embed and assess the computing curriculum.

Rising Stars Assessment Bank

Assessment Bank

An online searchable bank containing thousands of questions for the new curriculum with a simple test builder.

Rising Stars I can statements

'I Can' Statements

Child-friendly progression statements with mastery questions for teachers to support formative assessment.

Rising Stars Progression Frameworks

Progression Frameworks

Frameworks which break down the curriculum into individual statements with "what to look for" guidance to help identify gaps in knowledge.

Summative assessment

Rising Stars Optional Tests

Optional Tests

Three sets of comparable summative tests for each year group, in the style and format of the national tests. Includes free online analysis.

Standardised assessment

PIRA Progress in Understanding Reading Assessment


Termly reading assessments that provide standardised results and age related scores to track pupil progress term by term. Includes free online analysis.

PUMA Progress in Understanding Maths Assessment


Termly maths tests that benchmark pupil performance against national averages and accurately measure and predict progress. Includes free online analysis.

GAPS Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Assessment


Termly tests that measure and predict children's progress in grammar, punctuation and spelling. Includes free online analysis.

Download this handy guide for more information on choosing the right assessment resource for your needs. 

All of our assessments are:

  • written by curriculum and assessment experts

  • trialled in schools with children

  • evaluated for effectiveness

  • designed to be easy to use. 


Hear how our assessment resources help to measure progress and attainment

Watch the video below for an overview of the types of assessment suggested in the Commission on Assessment Without Levels' report and the solutions we have available for your school.


*FREE* online marksheets and reports on MARK

MARK My Assessment and Reporting Kit - online analysis and reportingMARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit) is the powerful online platform that helps teachers to get more from their assessments.  

Teachers can:

  • gain valuable insight into individual and group performance
  • view gap analysis at a glance
  • generate reports in a few clicks

We have launched the site with marksheets and reporting for our popular standardised maths and reading assessments (PUMA and PiRA), our summative assessments (Optional Tests Set A and Set B), and our formative assessments (Progress Tests). Access to the site is free for all schools, and there are just a few simple steps to follow to get you started

Expert advice and updates on primary assessment

Visit our assessment community website for a wealth of free information and advice from our team of new curriculum assessment experts. Choose 'Assessment' as an interest area in your My Rising Stars account to never miss an assessment announcement.  

Download FREE assessment resources

Head to our free resources area to view samples of many of our assessment resources. You can also download our free Progression Frameworks for English, mathematics, science, computing, history and geography.


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