Rising Stars Optional Tests

Rising Stars Optional Tests are proven to assess children's knowledge, understanding and application of the programmes of study for English and mathematics against national expectations.

  • Gain a reliable indication of whether children are performing at the national standard
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching
  • Help manage the transition of children from one year to the next

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Independently reviewed as effective and reliable

An independent review found our Optional Tests to be reliable and effective, so you know that you can trust them for your whole-school summative assessment solution. 

Assess whether children are performing at the national standard

In order to help teachers understand how children are likely to perform in the national tests, we have worked with a leading statistical consultancy to provide National Test Indicators for Set A Years 2 and 6.

Three comparable sets offer choice and flexibility

We offer three comparable sets which you can set flexibily according to your assessment policy.

         Optional Tests Set A        Optional Tests Set B        

View products from Set AB and C by selecting from the icons above. Sets A and B are available now. Pre-order Set C today for September delivery. 

Quickly analyse results with FREE online reports

Optional Tests Report
Gain valuable insight into individual and group performance with free online analysis and reports.


Enjoy a virtual visit from a Rising Stars consultant

Year Group Packs (available for Sets AB and C) include:

  • 30 copies of each of the test papers for GPS, reading and mathematics
  • 1 Teacher's Guide per subject
  • Downloadable Teacher Guide PDFs
  • Online analysis and reports

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