Banded Book Boxes

Special price selections of our most popular fiction, non-fiction and plays for your reluctant and struggling readers

Our tried and tested hi/low fiction, non-fiction and plays are specifically developed to engage older learners - particularly boys.

The books feature age-appropriate themes and storylines but with a controlled langauge level that supports reluctant readers.

Buy a set for your library to kick-start your reading programme.

  • Orange Book Box - fiction and non-fiction for your most reluctant readers
  • Turquoise Book Box (Pack 1) - paried readers and plays for shared reading sessions
  • Turquoise Book Box (Pack 2) - paired readers and plays for shared reading sessions
  • Purple Book Box - extended reads to build confidence
  • Gold Book Box - edgier fiction for your older reluctant readers
  • White and Lime Book Box - satisfying reads in a graphic-novel style

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