Led by experienced education trainers, these one-day events will supply you with practical strategies and tried-and-tested approaches so you can have an impact in the classroom as soon as you return to school.

Engaging readers and inspiring writers

Assessing pupils and ensuring progress at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

16th October 2017, Birmingham
13th November 2017, Central London

Inspire young writers and ensure progress in writing at Key Stages 1 and 2 with the help of literacy expert Maddy Barnes.

Teaching spelling at Key Stage 2

Ensure your pupils meet the requirements of the Year 6 spelling test.

21st November 2017, Manchester
6th December 2017, Birmingham

Take away practical strategies for teaching and assessing spelling, as well as a clear understanding of the requirements of the Key Stage 2 test.

Mastery in mathematics at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Strategies and resources to deliver a mastery in mathematics approach

22nd September 2017, Manchester
13th October 2017, Birmingham

Gain an in-depth overview of the mastery in mathematics approach and learn how to embed its principles into your lessons.

Assessing pupils working towards the expected standard at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Accurately use the pre-Key Stage standards to show pupils' progress.

26th September 2017, Central London
31st October 2017, Manchester

Take away the latest advice and guidance on the pre-key stage standards and inspection expectations for pupils working towards the expected standard.

Using the Ofsted Inspection Dashboard, FFT Aspire and other data sources

Analyse pupil attainment and progress at KS1 and KS2

21st November 2017, London
29th November 2017, Birmingham
6th December 2017, Manchester

Find out if your school's tracking system is fit for purpose with James Pembroke on this one-day course.


Developing reading comprehension at Key Stage 2

Support your pupils meeting the demands of the Key Stage 2 reading comprehension test

21st September 2017, London
17th October 2017, Birmingham

Do your pupils have reasonable decoding skills but weak comprehension skills at Key Stage 2? Take away effective strategies to develop their skills in inference and prediction and help them rise to the challenge of the reading comprehension test.

Working at the expected standard in maths at Key Stage 2

Ensuring your pupils are on track to reach expectations for the Key Stage 2 national tests

22nd September 2017, Birmingham
16th October 2017, Manchester

Help pupils meet the expected standard at Key Stage 2 for mathematics with the expert guidance and practical solutions provided on this one-day training course.

Mastery in writing at Key Stage 2

Using creativity to achieve and exceed the expected standard

28th September 2017, London
19th October 2017, Birmingham

Understand the key requirements of the curriculum, and ensure your pupils meet the expected standard in writing on this intensive one-day course. You will receive expert advice on how to embed the mastery approach into your lessons, and take away practical guidance on how to assess and moderate your pupils' writing. 

Online safety - effective provision in the primary phase 

Develop a planned and progressive online safety curriculum for your school

5th October 2017, Birmingham
22nd November 2017, Manchester

Gain an improved understanding of the new risks and threats children face online, as well as guidance on strengthening policies and procedures to protect and support children at risk of radicalisation or exploitation.

Preparing for inspection of assessment

What is Ofsted expecting? Practical advice and guidance to address the most common issues

11th October 2017, London
1st November 2017, Birmingham

7 out of 10 schools receive a negative finding on their marking, tracking or use of assessments to plan ahead.  Using extensive, up-to-date surveys of recent reports you will find out what the statistics tell us, where the issues lie.  You will leave with practical solutions for your school to implement which will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Fluency, reasoning and problem solving in Key Stage 2

Deepening conceptual understanding, mathematical language and thinking

7th November 2017, London
6th December 2017, Manchester

Explore strategies that will help you to deepen pupils’ mathematical understanding. Take away practical ideas that will help you to develop pupils’ problem solving and reasoning skills.

Imp.JPGImplications for teaching the Key Stage 2 national tests in 2018

Analysing national test papers and mark schemes to prepare your pupils to meet the expected standard

14th November 2017, London
15th November 2017, Birmingham
5th December 2017, Manchester

Prepare your school for the 2018 national tests by exploring the 2017 test papers.  Find out where children struggled and succeeded nationally and plan your year 6 teaching to respond to the demands of the tests.  

Building reading comprehension across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2       

Developing higher-order reading skills through the Richer Reading approach

14th November 2017, London
15th November 2017, Birmingham
16th November 2017, Manchester

Understand the requirements of the reading curriculum and raise the profile of reading throughout your school with the expert advice, free resources, and best-practice examples provided on this one-day training course.

Standardisation and moderation of writing at Key Stage 2         

How to make consistent and accurate judgements of pupils’ work at the expected standard and at greater depth

16th December 2017, London
6th December 2017, Manchester

Gain greater understanding of what the expected and greater depth standards in writing should look like at Key Stage 2. Develop effective teaching strategies to enable more pupils to reach these standards. Review your schools moderation practices to ensure that consistent judgements are being made across your school. 

Developing and improving pupils' arithmetical toolkit at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Effective approaches and practical resources to help pupils meet the expected standard

17th November 2017, Birmingham
1st December 2017, London

Strengthen subject expertise in your school by building your pupila' number fluency.  Be inspired by ideas used in high performing South Eastern countries.  Explore engaging, practical and easy-to-use resources and approaches to cascade back to your colleagues.

If you would like a specific course tailored to your requirements and delivered in your school please send us an INSET request.

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