Led by experienced education trainers, these one-day events will supply you with practical strategies and tried-and-tested approaches so you can have an impact in the classroom as soon as you return to school.


Engaging readers and inspiring writers


Stimulate high-quality writing and ensure consistent progress at key stages 1 and 2 with effective pupil assessment and evaluation of your own practice.

13th November 2017, Central London

Trainer: Maddy Barnes



Developing reading comprehension at Key Stage 2

Build close and careful reading skills that enable your students to meet and exceed the demands of the key stage 2 reading comprehension test.

17th October 2017, Birmingham

Trainer: Dee Reid


Building reading comprehension across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2       

Develop higher-order reading skills through the Richer Reading approach and raise the profile of reading across your whole school.

14th November 2017, London
15th November 2017, Birmingham
16th November 2017, Manchester

Trainer: Gill Matthews 

Teaching spelling at Key Stage 2

Ensure your pupils meet the requirements of the Year 6 spelling test by developing teaching and learning strategies that will support and challenge all your learners.

21st November 2017, Manchester
6th December 2017, Birmingham

Trainer: Dee Reid


Fluency, reasoning and problem solving in Key Stage 2

Explore strategies and approaches that you can use to help deepen mathematical understanding in your classrooms and increase your learners’ confidence when approaching problem solving.

7th November 2017, London
6th December 2017, Manchester

Trainer: Steph King

Developing and improving pupils' arithmetical toolkit at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Join motivational trainer, Steve Lomax, to discover effective approaches and practical resources you can use to help your pupils meet the expected standard.

17th November 2017, Birmingham
1st December 2017, London

Trainer: Steve Lomax

Preparing for Ofsted inspection of assessment

***This course will address the changes to Assessment Accountability and the Writing Performance Descriptors***

Join trusted expert Sue Hackman to understand what Ofsted will be expecting when they look at your school’s assessment practice and review your assessment strategy to ensure it works for the full ability range.

1st November 2017, Birmingham

                                                   Trainer: Sue Hackman

Assessing pupils working towards the expected standard at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Hear the latest update on assessment reform, discuss the impact the new pre-key stage standards will have on your pupils working towards the expected standard and learn how to accurately use the standards to show pupils’ progress.  Fully updated to include all of the proposed changes, announced by Justine Greening, to primary assessment d as well as information about the assessment process for 2017 - 2018. 

31st October 2017, Manchester

Trainer: Lorraine Peterson, OBE

Imp.JPGImplications for teaching the Key Stage 2 national tests in 2018

Learn exactly what is required for your pupils to exceed the expected standard with expert analysis of the national test papers and receive detailed guidance on the implications for teaching across your school.

14th November 2017, London
15th November 2017, Birmingham

Trainers: Shareen Mayers and Steph King

Using the Ofsted Inspection Dashboard, FFT Aspire and other data sources

Learn to make best use of your data and correctly analyse pupil attainment and progress at key stages 1 and 2 by joining data analyst and advisor, James Pembroke on this one-day course. 

21st November 2017, London
29th November 2017, Birmingham
6th December 2017, Manchester

Trainer: James Pembroke


If you would like a specific course tailored to your requirements and delivered in your school please send us an INSET request.

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