#WeWillAchieve100 – Read about how other schools are preparing for the 2017 national tests

Have you ever wanted to find out how other schools and teachers are preparing for the national tests? Earlier this month, we ran a Twitter hashtag competition to find out the very best tips and pointers for national test success – the entries were so fabulous that we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you!

“5 minute starters to reinforce. ‘Drop the bomb’ questions previously done to engage. Reward and celebrate!#FunFun” @EddieMc1981
“Page of arithmetic daily, explain it and then redo [the] whole thing on Friday. Confidence from applying what they know.” @AliceTittle
“Continuation of good quality teaching. Weekly multi-step maths questions, unpicking reading questions and grammar questions.” @12July08
“[Morning] starters; quick fire when lining up; use sentences and film rather than full texts for inference; SPAG in maths word problems.” @Kimmysut
“Encourage reading for pleasure – it’s invaluable!” @mr_m_primary
“Sing! Put key points into a song/ditty. Makes it fun and they remember!” @TeacherAmy
“Define and use test language – e.g. ‘Find and copy a word/phrase that…’ / ‘Explain…’ for comprehension.” @Teacher_Chap
“Daily arithmetic practice, answering 3-mark reading questions, vocabulary work and lots of laughs.” @GreyJoanne
“We use your revision books for homework religiously. Teach objective and same night do [a] page [in the] book! Simple.” @dawn_saxena
“Fully prepare the children academically of course. More importantly, giving confidence to succeed and do their very best.” @mrhteaching
“Self-quizzing, online quizzing, peer quizzing – essentially any and all quizzing! Get them retrieving what they know!” @AnnisbrownJ
“Whole class reading focusing on key skills, 10 mins independent reading, VOCAB and a story at the end of every day!” @MrACDPresent

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