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Achieve Level 6 English Teacher's Book

  • KS2 (Ages 7-11)
  • ISBN: 9780857696366
  • Media: Book

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Achieve Level 6 English Teacher's Book gives primary teachers a clear overview of all Level 6 English content. With clear and comprehensive guidance on what is expected at Level 6, it enables teachers to support their brightest pupils in preparing for the new Level 6 National Tests at Key Stage 2 for 2014.

  • Gives teachers the skills to teach Level 6
  • Gives pupils the skills to achieve Level 6

Books include

Teacher resources:

  • Clear guidance on what is expected at Level 6
  • A comprehensive overview of the topics covered at Level 6
  • Advice on how to deliver the topics

Pupil activities:

  • Photocopiable practice questions for every topic
  • Preparation for answering level 6

Achieve Level 6 English Units cover:

Identifying points in a text
Using information from different sources
Using quotations
Different meanings
The wider importance of ideas
Organisation of the text
Themes and purposes
Explaining how language is used
Language choice and effectiveness
Matching sentences to the text
Writer’s techniques
Commenting on a writer’s techniques (terms)
Identifying features of writing
Understanding a point of view
Creating effects
Texts from different times
The effect of time and place
Cultural and spiritual influences
Writing, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 
Effective planning
Clear purpose
Strong opening and closing
Concise writing
Formal and informal
Precise meaning with adverbs and adjectives
Similes and metaphors (including personification)
Alliteration and onomatopoeia
Deliberate patterning
Using themes
Developing characterisation
Events in parallel
Effective sequencing
The management of surprise
Clauses and phrases
Sophisticated connectives
Clarity and meaning in a sentence
Brackets and dashes
Colons and semi-colons
Speech and apostrophes 


  • Containing all documents as printable pdfs
  • Suitable for uploading to the network and using on interactive whiteboards

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